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How to make sure you are not relying on social media

Is it just me that finds all the conflicting information about what you should and shouldn’t post on social media utterly confusing?

Do this type of content, that type of content, post this often (but not too often), make sure you do this, and don’t forget to do that, use hashtags (but not too many) – and in the end, how much difference does it all make?

Everyone is searching for the holy grail.

The perfect combination.

The magic solution.

But what works for some doesn’t seem to work for others – so does a magic solution even exist? 

And if it does, who’s to say it won’t change tomorrow, next week, next month? 

It’s a game. A game of ever-changing rules which you might win, or you might lose. 

Let’s face it – we have no control over what these platforms do – they are the games master and could change the rules at any time – making that magic solution unattainable once again.

The best answer is to do what feels right to you on your account.

And to remember it’s a game. It’s great to play as long as you know that you might not win the grand prize, no matter how hard you try. 

But it’’s not the only way to grow your business.

A sure way to win in business is to have an engaging website that allows you to reach more people and make more connections.

Where YOU set the rules and control the game. 

You are in charge. You are the games master. 

You’ll win that game. 

Bet on yourself to win and sign up for the Website Success Formula course  – you’ll be running the game in no time!

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