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Being on social media is like being back at High School

I wasn’t one of the popular kids in school and spent my entire high school years blending into the background with a lack of confidence, crazy 80s curly hair and braces. It was a period of my life I definitely wouldn’t want to do again.

And yet it feels like we are right back in high school with social media.

It’s ultimately a popularity contest, where all that seems to matter is how many friends and adoring fans you have (followers), how many people like what you do (likes and comments) and being on-trend and leading the pack is the key to success and survival.

If you’re not one of the popular kids (accounts), you’re left feeling insignificant, invisible and inadequate.

That you don’t have it, so you’ll never make it.

And just like in high school, there is so much unseen potential in those kids (businesses) blending into the background.

They’ve as much to offer as the popular ones, but they don’t get the chance to shine.

Social media has changed so much over the last few years, and with more businesses than ever using it, the pressure to do more to be noticed has never been greater.

It’s time to change things up and take the pressure off.

There is a better option, often overlooked, because we spend all our time and energy navigating these ever-changing platforms, and don’t take a moment to step off the treadmill and pause.

It’s an option that gives us back control, freedom and a chance to step back from the constant need to be glued to our phones.

I’m on a mission to help small business owners discover and unlock the power of a great website, so they can bring new customers into their business consistently and with ease.

To reignite their passion for their business without the social media restrictions and demands stifling their growth.

To transform their online business presence, so they can impact the lives of many more people and stand out from the crowd, not get lost in it.

Jackie Slade from the secret to website success
Hi there!

I’m Jackie.

Creative soul, introvert, tea lover!

I’m on a mission to help small businesses unlock the real power of a website, so they can bring customers into their business consistently and with ease, without relying on social media!

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